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Stephen Hennington
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November 2016-

I started receiving adjustments from Dr. Hennington a few weeks ago and have already seen great improvements.  Since coming off birth control over a year ago, I had not had a menstrual cycle without a doctor inducing it with medication.  I went to two doctors and even a reproductive endocrinologist only to be told they could not find an explanation for my absent cycles.  They also told me I would probably never have cycles again without medications.  Around two or three weeks into my adjustments, I experienced some spotting and went on to have a light period.  It was my first period without birth control or medication in five years.  I also started sleeping a lot better, and my skin is steadily getting clearer.  I contribute all of this to Dr. Hennington's adjustments, and I am so thankful that he was able to do what other doctors didn't care to look into.


May 2014-

To the best Doctor & Staff that I have ever met.  The staff is always available, pleasant, and courteous.  The Massage Therapist is wonderful & knowledgeable.  I appreciate everyone for the gift of caring they bring.  And most of all, Dr. Steve Hennington.  He was the ONLY physician to sit and talk with me about my condition & not afraid to treat me.  I have been bed bound, wheelchair bound, with use of cane & hospitalized several times & sent home with home health & therapy with no results & no answers.  I came here in February 2014 only to see the Massage Therapist & she suggested I talk with him.  I agreed.  Within days after my first chiropractic visit with Dr. Hennington I was able to walk without a walker & cane, of which I was using at my first visit.  I thank God for you all, and talk about you to everyone I know. Seeing progress daily.


Just a "Thank You" for all you have done for me and my family members.  I have a never been treated as well as I have with Dr. Steve and his amazing staff.  You are welcomed from day one, and every visit is handled with compassion, caring, and concern for your better health.  It is also an honor to call Dr. Steve a friend.


March 2013-

I never wrote a testimonial before, but I believe  in the power of shared knowledge. Dr. Hennington and his crew work together at providing professional, personalized care. Even Shorty takes her responsibilities seriously as she greets each and every client.  Since my second visit I have noticed remarkable changes with my whole body:  less headaches which were daily, fewer hot flashes/night sweats, more restful longer sleeps, better posture, and a sense of well being mentally & physically.What a wonderful gift to give myself as I turn 50 this year-and for many years to come!  Thanks to the advice from a very special friend and someone who I care for as a nurse...


Waking up pain free has been GREAT!  I first went to see Dr. Hennington for Benign Positional Vertigo.  He was able to help me with the vertigo in one visit.  After counseling with Dr. Hennington I explained that I had lower back pain for years.  After a few months of therapy I am pain free.  Thanks to Dr. Hennington and his staff!


February 2013-

How have I not know about this before?  How could my apprehension turn to healing delight in a few treatments?  Dr. Hennington is how!  The educational process makes perfect health sense as he explains in detail what his treatment involves scientificallly, and how it will help me long-term.  There is no carpal tunnell surgery in my future thanks to his compassionate, expert care.  Fianlly, I have found a doctor who, with the utmost respect and Christian-based principles, has changed my life and health!


Two years ago I noticed that my arm and shoulder ached when I worked at anything.  Over time it progressed from ache to hurt and then to acute pain.  The pain was so severe that I just sat and cried.  I tried ice and heat with no results.  A friend recommended Dr. Hennington, but I paid no attention until she made an appointment and insisited that I go.  Immediately, I started getting relief, and I can say that it was one of the best days of my life.  I highly recommend Dr.Hennington to anyone who wants relief from pain.


October 8, 2012-

"Magic Hands!  He has Magic Hands!"  This statement can be heard anytime you are a patient at the office of Dr. Stephen Hennington, Chiropractor, and it is not without merit.  Early August, I had what was termed an Ischemic Stroke.  After a brief stay at the Emergency Room here in McComb, I was flown to Jackson by helicopter where I spent a couple of days.  Upon returning home, I developed pain in my left shoulder and down my back.  The pain was extremely intense, but due to the medication I was on, I couldn't take the ususal Tylenol, aspirin. etc.  My daughter suggested we call Dr. Hennington's office for an appointment.  Since I'm not in the habit of going to doctors, I went with many reservations.  From the beginning to the end of the visit, I was amazed.  The office force is so helpful and friendly, trying to make the patients feel at ease, and then there is the wonderful relief that Dr. Hennington can give you.  He is a very frank doctor.  Not promising more than he thinks he can do.  He explained all the pros and cons to me, and his final words, "I think I can help your pain."  I have been to his office now for about four weeks and things are certainly much better.  Thank you, Dr. Hennington.   


I have been told that I was adjusted by my father on the day I was born!  As it turns but, I was also born without my lowest lumbar vertebrae (L5).  This condition usually causes chronic low back pain throughout your lifetime.  Not only have I not experienced low back pain, but I participated and excelled in high school and college athletics including football, baseball, and basketball, remaining injury free.  While in Chiropractic school, X-rays were taken of my spine and showed perfect spinal alignment.  Because of this, my X-rays were used in class to demonstrate the benefits of lifetime Chiropractic care. 

Stephen B. Hennington, D.C. 

I just wanted to say “thank you”once again.  I feel wonderful!  It’s so nice to wake up in the mornings and not feel nauseous every morning with the Benign Positional Vertigo. I’ve had this for years and finally feel good.  You were so kind, caring and a life saver! THANK YOU!


I am a 77 year old female, who over the past several months has been receiving treament from one of our  local chiropractors, Dr. Steve Hennington.  My initial visit to Dr. Hennington was the last resort for me, seeking relief from the degenerative arthritis in my neck, shoulders, and back.  I have severe muscle spasms and headaches daily, that intensify with any activity I attempt.  The previous treatments I have received for this condition has been as invasive as surgery on both shoulders, 2 disc surgeries on my neck, along with various anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers, and pain medication.  That has been a simple case of treating the symptoms and not the cause.  My first visit to Dr. Hennington began with me entering his office with  muscle spasms in my neck and a headache.  Imagine how pleasantly surprised I was that the adjustments during by treatment left me with a muscle spasm that ceased and a headache that eased.  I am ecstatic that these treaments have helped control my spasms and headaces.  I have learned what and what not to do.  I would highly recommend Dr. Hennington and his friendly, professional staff to everyone.  Presently, my husband has started seeing him for a compressed disc and my daughter has Rheumatoid Arthritis.  She too is about  to start treatment with him.